Share the wuv…

Our software is made to
empower YOU to a
victory of YOUR choice.


Share the wuv…

Our software is made to
empower YOU to a
Victory of YOUR choice.


What is wuv?

WUV is a for-purpose software company, founded by Adrian Martinca, a tech entrepreneur with a passion for empowering humanity’s potential. We are developing a series of software products that equip users with a concierge guidance system for the Web, with ‘Victory’ as our guide.

Through our VIP platform we reorganize the complexities of the ‘cloud’ into a personalized, purpose based curation system that not only helps our users develop skills but also facilitates purposeful connections that OPEN Doors for all people to move forward and realize their dreams.

Our development services work with select community organizations to help in digitizing content and delivering a user centric system.

Victory for all.

Victory can only exist in the world,
if all families have equal access to achieve
victory in their lives.

Providing Resources

A collection of resources focused on empowering an individual’s freedom to pursue their dreams.

Empowering Freedom

A system that enables you to build a fellowship of champions to propel you to victory.

Fulfilling Dreams

A guide to create connections that empower your potential to transform your dreams into reality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the complexities of the web and its cloud into a user centric system of navigation focused on enhancing humanity’s sense of purpose and ability to create a brighter future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable humanity to have freedom of knowing and comfort of choosing that which will shine light on the path to the future.